Monday, October 29, 2012

A Boy and his Dog

It was just a normal, happy fall day for a boy and his dog. Since the first day that Asher was at NDFH, he fell in love with Tom, our dog, and they just get closer and closer!

Yesterday, Asher was proudly wearing his hat around the backyard, when he realized that his good friend Tom didn't have a hat. And so he tried to put his hat on Tom's head, but it kept falling off!

Asher tried very, very hard to put his hat on Tom's head and get it to stay there.

He had no end of troubles getting the hat to stay on. Check out this adorable video we got of Asher trying and trying and trying to get the hat onto Tom's head. It's too funny.


  1. Too cute...Tom appears to be one very patient pooch!:)

  2. What a doll Asher is! He is waiting for his family right now! Hope his family finds him soon :-)