Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Good News

After the pain of the last few days, we needed some good news. I'm sure that you can understand our joy when we heard that little Annabel was going to be released from the hospital. This little darling arrived two months ago. Her story is an amazing one indeed, one that will soon be on the website! To make a long story short... we weren't sure that she would make the trip, but she did; we met her at the hospital where she was immediately admitted into ICU... and now two months and a dozen miracles later... Annabel is home.

She is tiny and weak, but also so strong. We can't wait to see the difference love and nutrition make in this precious child. (IV nutrition for the first 3 1/2 months of your life is a great way to stay tiny, as you can see)

Above is Wendy, the nanny who stayed with Dale in the hospital for nearly a week before he was admitted into PICU. She is grieving, as are all of Dale's nannies, and we know that watching and holding the miracle of Annabel is going to do beautiful healing on all of our hearts.

You can find more fun news in our most recent scrapbooks!

The September Birthday party was amazing - Alea, our little miracle, celebrated her first birthday!

We took the children to see the sunflower festival last week.

Eating mooncakes in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival was fun!

And it's looking like our 200th adoption is going to be in two weeks... and we're going to celebrate this milestone with not one, not two, but three adoptions. Can you guess who?

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  1. SO beautiful and tiny!! I just love that big pink bow in her hair! And that girly-frog with the eyelashes on her sweetly pink striped outfit has NEVER looked so happy. Beauty unfolding and we can't wait to watch it bloom!