Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So Pretty {Video}

Our Eliana. She's been with us for nearly three years and has grown up so beautifully. We recently found out that she has William's Syndrome, a syndrome that causes developmental delays while gifting children with an inescapable joy for everything. It's beautiful, really. Eliana is waiting for a forever family today - she's been passed over many times because of this syndrome. We know that there's a family out there for her, a perfect family excited and able to care and love for this precious little girl.

Eliana is poured into on a regular basis. She's in a fantastic foster family who loves her and encourages her to learn and be the most that she can be. During preschool the other day, Eliana was standing in front of the mirror, reminding herself just how special she is...


  1. Beautiful Eliana is just precious! She glows with love, joy and a sweet sweet spirit!

  2. Oh, my word! That is hilarious! Sooo cute!