Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snuggle Bugs

Our babies don't need cuddly sleepers to be considered "Snuggle Bugs," but a cuddly new outfit sure doesn't hurt! A visiting family brought us a great big bag of sleepers, new and lightly used. They came at the perfect time, we were recovering from a tummy bug in the CCU and after multiple changes of clothes each day, the drawers were empty and the little ones needed something fresh and new.

These four ladies are bursting with personality.

...and the five upstairs babies are just exploding with cuteness!

Don't you love them?

Ken and Esther looked like little baby dolls in their new sleepers... but Ken wasn't too keen on Ester sharing his nanny's lap. 

And then, "The Twins," who sometimes go by, "老大oldest" and "老二second" around here, looked so cuddly and cozy in their new sleepers we just couldn't help giving them each an extra-big snuggle before bed. Can you guess which one is which?

Thank you so much, Jill and family! We're going to be wearing these all of the time.


  1. Ava blue, Nora pink? Either way, everyone is looking mighty cute today!

    Also, is it just me, or is your "Sponsor a Child" link at the top of the blog's sidebar broken? I'm already sponsoring cute little Hope, so I don't need to use it right now, but someone else might want to :)

  2. They all look so snuggly in their little sleepers!! ♥

    What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for the children... and it sounds like the timing was just right! :)