Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happily Sipping

Not only have some great sippy cups been donated to NDFH recently, we also have a little stash of Baby Face Bands, perfect for helping the nannies remember whose sippy cup is whose! With all of the growing that the kids have been doing recently, a lot of new little ones were in need of sippy cups of their own, so we pulled out the sippy cups in storage and put a baby face band around each one, along with the child's picture.

Esther wasn't sure what to think of hers at first... she kept pushing the cup away and shaking her head. Eventually, though, she figured out that there was water inside and took a few sips on her own.

Ava and Nora caught on the quickest and were immediately drinking and spilling water.

Michael needed some help holding his cup, but that's the first step!

Oh Nora... she was so deliberate about turning her cup upside down and sucking out of the bottom end too!

And if you are ever sending a package along to us over here, feel free to slip in a sippy cup or two!

Question: How old were your kids when you started them on sippy cups? We read somewhere that 7mos is generally the earliest time, but haven't started some of our kiddos on them until over a year old! Esther and Lena, for example, have cleft palates and still prefer their bottles...


  1. Anyone ever think that Ava and Nora could have siblings? Look up the "Do They Have Salsa In China" blog. They look so similar!

  2. Baby Face Bands!!! The creator of that product was my dear friend, Laura Black! She passed away from cancer this past June...... SO happy to see her legacy live on!