Thursday, August 23, 2012

She Couldn't Help It

We needed a picture of Lily with her raincoat and umbrella for our new Amazing Stories brochure. The one we had on file was almost perfect, and we knew that if we could re-stage the photo, it had the potential of becoming just perfect.

But Miss Lily didn't want to smile. In fact, she even gave us a "there is no way I'm cooperating face."

"Come on, Lily, just one little smile!" She looked up, and tried very, very hard not to smile. We knew that she was bursting with happiness inside. She loves her raincoat and what child doesn't get a kick out of holding an umbrella!? But still, no smile...

...until she just couldn't keep it inside anymore. The joy burst out and Lily couldn't help it- she smiled.

I guess some people just weren't made to be unhappy for very long. Does Lily put a smile on your face like she does to ours?

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