Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday: Look Who I Found Floating Around!

Jonathan and Esther are roommates here at the foster home, and so they are quite close. Being the big brother, Jonathan is quite protective of his little sister (when he feels like it) and is always happy to pose with her. Esther has some delays that keep her from growing and developing as fast as the rest of the children, and Jonathan seems to have been born with a bigger "stature," so we expect that the 3-month difference between their ages will continue to appear bigger and bigger. Jonathan has become so good at walking, that he can almost break into a little jog when the situation is pressing enough - for instance, his nanny is about to pick up another child.

These two never cease to put a smile on our face and we're so happy to get to watch them grow up. Hopefully they will each have a forever family of their own one day, but until then... we'll keep taking adorable pictures.