Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bringing Great News

We just told Michael that he's healthy and big enough to move downstairs with the healthier, bigger children.

This was his reaction.

Do you think that he was excited?

Now, his poor nannies upstairs... they're going to miss him so much! But they have already promised him that they're going to be sneaking downstairs to tickle him when the babies are sleeping.


And then Michael moved downstairs...

Claire was thrilled to have a new little brother in her room. Levi wasn't so sure... it sounded like competition to him.

Don't they make a nice looking family?

Since Michael has been downstairs, he seems to have grown. Just look at that chunk!

Either it's the food downstairs that's making him grow, or all of that smothering love that he's getting on a regular basis from his loving big sisters, Wendy and Claire.

We'll go with the love.