Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Singing in the Rain

For the past few days, the weather here in Beijing has either been hot and muggy, or rainy. We had to cancel our much-anticipated field trip to the swimming pool because of a 100% chance of rain last week. And when it rains, the foster families often ask us if they can keep their kids home from preschool. It's a lot of work driving a three-wheeled cart through muddy streets, so our usually packed classroom gets a little silent during rain showers.

Last Friday, our four preschool students learned about butterflies, and then pulled on their rain boots, donned raincoats and hunted down a few umbrellas. Then it was time for Jumping in Puddles: 101.

Everybody, look at the camera!
I'll keep you dry, Colton.

Wendy and the big, red umbrella.
Ok, Colton. It's time to trade.
The best part was swapping umbrellas whenever one of the more out-spoken kids, aka Lily and Wendy, decided they wanted a different color. Colton and Claire were always happy to trade and each child probably got a turn with each of the five different colored umbrellas.

who wants a turn with the purple one?

Oooh, a snail!
After the puddles had been jumped, snails were spotted. NDFH's backyard has a snail family that comes out on damp days. Today was no exception, and Colton, Claire, Wendy and Lily found quite a few on the brick wall.

Have you had rainy or hot days recently? What are your go-to outside activities? We'd love to hear them!

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  1. I just love these pictures!!!!
    It's been HOT here...and a little rainy reprieve here and there. Our go-to outside activities are either swimming or.....
    swimming. Can't do much else in the deep south these days!