Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rosie's World

New Day, I have only been here a week and a half but already I find it hard to pinpoint just one thing to share. There are lots of stories I would love to tell and so many children I'd love you to meet. I know that they would steal your heart just as they have stolen mine.

One story, however; has just been the highlight of my trip so far. That story is about Rosie, a little girl here at New Day.

When I first met Roise she was laying in the playroom  not playing with the other children and looking nowhere in particular. She was not very active in that time, just occasionally rolling over and eventually resting with her head in her Nannies lap. I am ashamed to say that my initial reaction was to not pay much attention to this child, and play with the children who were more interactive with me.

So, for the next couple of days, I just played with the other children. Don't get me wrong, these are the sweetest children and I am glad that I have gotten the chance to know them. Something was just creeping into my heart and seeing Rosie sit away from the other children day by day began to pull at my heart. She seemed to have her own private little world away from us all, I wanted very much to be a part of it.

I noticed that the Nannies often sang to Roise, patting her back and rocking her. She seemed to enjoy the sound, so I decided that I to could sing to Roise to interact with her. The first time that I sang to Roise was the first time she ever made eye contact with me, and it was the first time I got to see there was a little person in there. It was then I decided that my goal for the next three weeks was to see Rosie smile. So I began to take some time and sing to Roise. I would sit next to her and sing, and one time she just looked up at me and smiled.

My eyes began to fill with tears. Later Roise even sat up and looked at me, making sounds along with me. I can not wait to see what this amazing little girls will do next, and what more all these wonderful children have to teach me.

This blog post was written by Casey, one of our fabulous summer volunteers!

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