Friday, June 29, 2012

Were You Born In June?

Were you born in June? Because if you were, you would have been invited to our birthday party on Wednesday! We had two parties, actually. Cara, Micah and Eliana were celebrated in the morning, and then Rebecca came in during the afternoon for some frosting cake.

Being the oldest birthday girl at our party, Cara went first. She had to show the younger ones how to blow out the candles, right? Don't you love how the kids are all clapping along to the "Birthday Song" together for one another? Sometimes we sing it in Chinese, sometimes in English, but it's the same tune regardless.

And then Cara leaned over and blew her four bright candles out in one breath. Notice Emma in the background?

We had not yet finished singing to Micah, when suddenly his candles were extinguished. How did this happen? Who was the over-zealous-candle-blower? Examine the picture below and let us know with whom your suspicions lay.

True to her bubbly spirit, Eliana was nearly over the moon with excitement when her turn came. Nobody is ever a stranger to this little one, she loves everybody and it makes her so happy to know that everybody loves her too.

After the singing and the candle-blowing we ate cake, of course.

Come afternoon, it was time for the afternoon preschool birthday party. We tried to convince the preschool teachers that Rebecca was actually turning two, and she should start preschool the next day, but they were not to be blind sighted. We only wanted an opportunity to see her face every single day at preschool... You would have done the same thing, wouldn't you?

The only face we were missing at our party was that of Little Lena, who had to go to the hospital. She's been a bit unstable as of late, with a high fever and some trouble breathing. Please keep her in your thoughts this weekend and we'll update you if anything happens on our facebook page.


  1. Keeping sweet Lena in my prayers!
    Happy Birthday little ones!

  2. Happy Birthday!! My daughter from Jiangxi has a June birthday too! :) Get well soon Lena!

  3. Just reading children's bios and my daughter and Rebecca share the same birthday! :D