Friday, May 11, 2012

Letters Become Words

...and words become sentences and sentences become stories and stories become new worlds! That's what happens when you learn how to read, and Hannah is the newest member of the "learning how to read" club here at New Day. She has a lot of learning delays and struggles, but guess what?

She loves it.

She is so proud of herself.

She is doing it!

We're using the BOB books with our kids, and Alex wants you all to know that he has finished the first set and is now doing the "orange box!"

We think that these two deserve a round of applause. Leave a comment for either one of them (or both) and we will print it out for them to read. Because, well, they can!


  1. Good job, Alex!
    Good job, Hannah!
    You can read.
    I am so proud of you.

  2. Good job, kids! You have done such a great job. Keep up the good work!

  3. Way to go, Alex. I am so proud of you, buddy!

    Keep up the good work, Hannah! You are doing great!

    Soon you both will be reading (many) BIG, BIG books!!

  4. Alex, good job!!! It is hard work to learn to read but you did it! i know your mommy and daddy must be so proud of you!!

    Hannah, you are doing great! Keep practicing reading new words. You will be able to read all kinds of book very soon!!


  5. Hannah, you can read! We are happy! We like that you can read! Good job!

    Alex, you can read! We are proud of you! Good job!

    Soon Alex and Hannah will be reading lots of books!

    Way to go!

    Alycia and Adahlyn

  6. Good Job Hannah and Alex. I am so proud of you. Reading is fun.

  7. Great job, Hannah and Alex!!!! I am SO proud of you for all your hard work! There is so much fun and so many adventures to be found in books. You will love reading!

  8. Way to go Hannah! Good job Alex! Reading is so much fun. We love to read at our house. One day I hope my son can read just like you!

    The Saylor Family

  9. Good job, Alex! Hannah, you're a star! Reading is always fun. You guys are the best!

  10. Alex, Great job. Reading is so much fun! Keep up the great work!

    Hannah, I'm so glad you have discover the joy of reading....and Bob Books!

    So proud of both of you!

  11. Way to go, Hannah and Alex!

    You can read! I am so happy for you!