Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Forever Home: Never A Dull Moment!

People often remark that with eight girls in our house, "Wow, I bet there's never a dull moment!"  And I say, "You'd be right!"    We love all our girls and together we have a great time doing many things :)

Here, Mollie and Emma, dressed in their Sunday finest give us a performance in their new outfits.  They recently were blessed with some new clothes and toys--knowing they often love to sing, they also each received a microphone!  Now they can sing their little hearts out in some of the cutest outfits I've seen :)

Elly trys out a new hat.  Lookin' good Elly!

Holly is one of our silly ones :)  We discovered her trying on every pair of sunglasses the Forever Home has the other day. All at once!!

Can you guess who our other silly girl is?!  She is always cutting up and joking around! 


  1. Hannah, I can see your silly twinkling eyes even though you have a mask on. You are such a fun girl!
    The 2 "littles" are beautiful in their new dresses. Wow, Elly, that is quite the hat. And Holly I think you are going to start a new fashion way to wear sunglasses! :-)
    Thanks for the update... I missed seeing you all last week!

  2. Love those girls!!!!!! And I love moments that aren't DULL!!!! :)