Sunday, March 18, 2012

That's When The Fun Happens

Coming in for a check-up can be fun, Caleb will agree. He's always happy to find that his favorite rocking horse is still in the therapy room (which is where the kids and their foster parents wait for their check-ups) and as long as he doesn't get a shot, it really doesn't hurt at all!

But the best part of all is when you're done, and your foster mama takes you outside. That's when the fun happens. You can run around and do whatever you want! Like chase the dog... or be chased by him. That's a lot of fun too.

Playing with the dog is fun, but when there's a new bike outside that you've never ridden before...

The dog will just have to get over it.

We're not sure what the weather has in store for us here. For a week we thought that spring had sprung; now we're not so sure. But for all the little boy's sakes, we sure do hope that the temperature stays romping-outside-quality for quite some time.

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