Thursday, March 15, 2012

Long Time No See

Okay, so it actually hasn't been a long time since we've seen Calvin... or Ariana for that matter. But according to our calculations, you haven't seen Ariana in months, and it's a proven fact that over a week without Calvin-exposure is detrimental to one's health. Right?

Because Ariana and Calvin are in the same foster family, they came together for their monthly check-ups. Calvin's foster dad carried him in. It looks like they've bonded well, doesn't it? We're always so happy to see our little boys connect with their foster Baba's.

Don't these two look like they've been siblings for ever?

Ariana's foster mom was excited to show us all that Ariana can do. "Look at her standing, and if I give her something... like this stool, she can walk. Come on, Ariana, show them how you can walk." A little hesitant with all of the attention given her, Ariana took a few steps to our cheers and praises.

To be measured and weighed, Calvin had to remove a few of his layers. After his check-up, and then a bit of showing off, Calvin's foster dad started to put Calvin's layers back on. He picked up a pair of pants, looked at them hard, turned them around in his hands... opened them up and tried to match the leg holes with Calvin's kicking feet. It was a funny process to watch, as Calvin had at least two more layers to put on. The ladies in the room couldn't help but laugh while watching  the foster dad's valient efforts.

Eventually, though...

Ta-da! Fully dressed and sitting up.

How fast they grow.


  1. Goodness, I can hardly believe how big they are getting! They are TOO cute!! :)

  2. Qué seres tan lindos...por favor...son una maravilla de belleza...!!!

  3. Ohhh I want to meet him more and more as I see his pictures!!! He is just the CUTEST thing ever.... I ecspecially love the one where he is standing up with his foster dad!!!! Ohhh he and his sis and just precious!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. Oh that Calvin is a cutie pie for sure!
    I wish there had been video of his foster father getting him "re-layered" for the day!