Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Forever Home: Makin' Yummy Treats

Every chance we get, we try to involve the girls in cooking, especially things like making sugar cookies. There's lots of ways they can help.  There's rolling them out, cutting them, then icing and eating these wonderful sweet treats!  This was Mollie's first time helping in the kitchen. She looks a little unsure doesn't she?  I wonder if she's thinking, "Are you sure I can get my hands all messy doing this?"  

 This was Emma's first time helping out with cooking too.  She seemed to enjoy making cookies, of course, the best part being eating them!

 Holly loves to help out with such things!  She's wondering, "Is it Christmas again already?!"  No Holly, but Christmas tree cookies still are quite tasty no matter the season, right kids?!

Hannah's an old pro at this!  She's been with us for more than 2 years now so she's done this many times over.  No need showing her what to do, right Hannah?!

Elly looks like she's having fun, doesn't she?!  She doesn't mind getting her hands all messy for a chance at some good eats!

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  1. Fun!!!!! I love to see the amazing transformation in these sweet girls lives from being in the forever home. It is truly a blessing to see the light in their eyes and true joy in their smiles.
    Blessings and love,