Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Cutie Pie


  1. This is where with my kids I would pretend to "gobble them up" like a yummy piece of pie from one arm across to the other making sure to give some kisses along the way. And then I'd say, "whoops, need another piece!" and do it all over again as they giggle away. She is definitely a Cutie Pie! (And I think she might know it?!) :-)

  2. LOVE that she is pointing to herself, as if to say, "ME! I am the cutie pie, yes maam!" Oh my goodness...I love her little Peng Yar self...Looks like Crickett will need to make some play-dates with her 'twin'!!!!!

    1. Laine...we will DEFINITELY need to have some playdates with Crickett (and ALL your clan)!!!! We can't WAIT to get her home and to squeeze those chubby baby cheeks!!!

  3. Love this... so cute. And those double/triple chins - ADORABLE! :)