Monday, February 6, 2012

Their Big Day

Today was a big day for three of our children. Angela, Samuel and Timothy joined their forever families and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Angela has lived at New Day for nearly two years, and during that time we’ve been so blessed by her spunk and downright adorable diva-ness.

Samuel arrived in October of 2009, and like Angela, started out as one of our “babies.” Watching him grow up and develop interests of his own (qiche, anyone?) has been a delight.

It’s been two and a half years since Timothy arrived at New Day. His smile, warm heart and fun spirit have brightened so many days.

One of the most special things about working in a place like New Day, is watching the children change. But something that is just as incredible, is watching the kids change the lives of others.

We're so happy that Timothy, Samuel and Angela are now in families of their own. Though we miss them (the foster home is unusually peaceful and quiet right now) we know that this is what it's all about. We have been blessed by each one of the kids - they have changed our lives.

Has your life been touched by one of our children? We would love to hear about it!


  1. The angels are rejoicing! Thanks for all you do for these sweet children. Can't wait to come get my big boy Joshua!!!!!

  2. Sorry very long!

    Yes! Angela! I´m from germany! And adoption was always in my heart! But how so many people we thought we can´t do it.
    But through following a few adoptionblogs my mind got changed. Then I logged into Rainb@wkids. "Just for fun". And I saw all these faces. They were all cute, but it wasn´t how i always read.
    Then I started to pray that God need to show me what he wants us to do.
    My husband doesn´t want to adopt. At that time.We are fostering.Having 5 kids.Enough! So I was praying : God, I know i can´t adopt any of these kids from Rainbowkids(because we´re from Germany)(and we can´t adopt from china),
    but please, if you want us to adopt, let my heart be really, I mean really, really touched by one of these kids.
    And then last year in January Angela was there. And my heart was more than only touched. I knew what God wanted us to do. A few days after I found her face on your sides. Yes, and I was praying that her forever family will come soon to bring her home. Every night! Because I printed a picture of her (sorry, didn´t ask)and put it next to my bed. The last face i see on every day is hers.
    Well,since last september we are on the adoptionroad! Hong Kong! My hubby is on board! Even the kids! It´s not so easy, we will do it.

    So, my prayers for Angela and her forever family won´t stop! I think never ever, because she played a big role in our lives.
    May god let them be blessings to another
    With all the best wishes from the bottom of my heart
    Babs from germany

  3. Congratulations to these precious kids and their VERY blessed families!!!

    And to answer the question at the bottom of the post...YES! Falling in love with a "heart baby" at New Day nearly 3 years ago changed my life forever. In the best way possible! :)

  4. Praise God!!! :) Their families are oh so blessed!!!

    And yes, these three kiddos changed my life. Showed me what it means to love. Gave me such joy. They will all forever hold a special place in my heart, which is now overflowing with joy, as I am sure these three kiddo's and their families are, as well.

  5. Amen to everything that Cassie said. I loved the time we were able to spend with Timothy in the backyard during the time we were there. I LOVED watching Angela's sweet spunky spirit capture the hearts of so many. My heart soars at the news that each of these dear ones is now with their forever families.

  6. Congratulations to Timothy, Angela and Samuel. Their families are so very blessed!

    To answer your question…….Obviously Miss Reagan is the little one who has touched my life and I will forever be changed because of her. Claire has shown me what the power of prayer can do and that miracles really do happen. Sweet Wendy had me from day one because she reminds me so much of our Reagan. I look forward to following her journey and feel fortunate to be her sponsor family.

  7. "Has your life been touched by one of our children?"
    Oh my....not just one of them! Obviously Kev, Keith, Crickett...our little ND posse that keep the bubblin' joy around! And not just those three musketeers, but also Carissa, who we poured our hearts and prayers out on her behalf-God used her to teach us so much about His love for these children.
    And then there's Hannah, who came so frail and fragile and is now bursting with life and joy!
    Philip--his sweet spirit and shining eyes.
    Ajay--his perseverance and strength through hard struggles...even in the beginning when he was just a baby with pneumonia. Look at him now! AMAZING!
    I could go on and more--Lucy. She captured my mom's heart every time she would call her "Nai Nai".

    We are rejoicing over Angela, Timothy, and Samuel with their forever families now!!!!

    Praying for yall, missing yall, loving yall!

  8. We have prayed for Samuel every day for well over a year. We are so happy for all of these children that are now part of forever families.

  9. "Has your life been touched by one of our children?"
    yes, our lives have been touched and changed by emma lael (addison) emma lael has been with us now for 16 months and i can't even begin to explain how she has touched our lives....she's an amazing little girl... i know that NDFH gave her exactly what she needed before God brought her to can we ever thank NDFH enough for all they've done emma lael before she was our daughter? we pray for NDFH daily and sponsor two children at NDFH....we are giving back....someone sponsored emma lael so she could have 2 open heart surgeries our prayer & hope is that we can also make a difference in a child's life by our sponsorship....i highly encourage other to sponsor a child if that is what God has called you to do.

    joshua, is another one who has truly touched our lives....we fell head over heels in love with joshua while we were at NDFH adopting emma lael....i've became friends with joshua's mom she is one lucky mom to be the mom of this very special boy.

    i've watched so many children be adopted since we adopted emma lael sept. many children have gone to be with there forever families...that is what it is all about bringing families to these precious children....i Praise God for his grace & mercy always.

    Congrats to the three families who just guys are now part of "OUR" family...welcome!!