Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Because We Love You

You know us. We can't resist the opportunity to celebrate little holidays... even if they're not official holidays here in China. Valentines Day is no exception. Gloria, our preschool teacher, came up with a great craft activity for our morning preschool kids. They had a great time and enjoyed chatting to each other about who they were going to give their valentine to.

What!?! It isn't a chocolate heart?
Claire pushes string through the punched holes in her heart.
Emelia didn't need very much help. She could thread the hearts fine, it was the tying that she had trouble with.

William was just being silly here.

The finished product! Beautiful work, Wendy.

The absolute best part about this morning activity was watching the faces of the foster moms and nannies as the valentines were passed out. And then the looks on the kid's faces, as they delivered their handmade cards with a cheerful, "情人节快乐!" (Happy Valentines Day!)

Noah and his foster mom were especially full of laughter. "Go give your foster mom the valentine!" we told Noah. He jumped out of his chair with a big grin on his face, and raced over to his foster mom... forgetting to bring along the valentine! Everyone laughed at his joyful energy, as he ran back to get the valentine to give to his foster mom. By the time he had returned with the valentine, they were both laughing.

Claire and her nanny have been through a lot together. They're very, very close and it was only fitting that Claire should give Alice the valentine she made.

"Who are you making that for?" we asked Philip. Without missing a beat he answered, "My foster mom!" And that's just what he did! We have video evidence to prove it.

Happy Valentines Day!