Monday, December 12, 2011

The Story Behind the Picture

Do you remember the day we dressed the children up in freshly knitted hats and scarves? Well, there's a little bit of a story behind one of the pictures.

Angela and Anton are close buddies. Very willinging will Angie go over to little Anton and give him a hug or a few kisses. So the other day, with Angela all done up in her pretty new scarf and the cameras flashing away, we encouraged Angie to give Anton a hug. "Come on, Angela!" we pleaded... Today, however, Angie wasn't in her perkiest of moods, and she just stared him down.

Anton, poor little guy, felt like he really could have used that hug. But until Angela became bright eyed and busy tailed again... it just wasn't going to happen. Anton had to find someone else to get his hug from.

P.S. Anton got his hug plus a few more, because there are some people here who can't ever resist his big 'ol puppy dog eyes!

1 comment:

  1. I would give ANYTHING for an Angie hug or kiss right now - sooooooooo very glad to see the little man is out of the CCU :)