Monday, December 26, 2011


We have to admit it. We're spoiled. Christmas trees overflowing with packages, merriment and cheer spilling out of all cracks, and children - precious healthy children - who've defied all reality to be here today.

Not only have we watched as their medical needs are dealt with and then sometimes even disappear, we've watched as the sadness in their eyes becomes abundant joy. The great medical attention that they receive from amazing doctors helps them to heal physically...  The foster families, mostly empty-nesters who saw that they could make a huge difference in a child's life, have loved incredibly. 

And they get to witness, as they mold each tender heart with their loving hands, a child's beautiful transformation.

We love to watch this foster family below, as they're bursting with joy from three sweet blessings. Emelia, Lucy and Micah are very loved by their kindhearted foster parents.

Doesn't the family-ness of it bring tears into your eyes? This is what each child needs!

Timothy and Noah make us grin with their brotherliness. They've been together in a foster family for a long time and are very fond of each other. We assume that a lot of mischief goes on in their home as well, though. Thankfully, their foster mother is a patient and fun woman.

Jabin was released from the hospital after two successful eye surgeries, just the day before this picture was taken. He's without his glasses and he can see you. Two sweet boys, whose home is now crawling with all of the cars, trains and airplane that you sent. We've heard it said that their foster mom has a thing for little boys... no doubt Jabin and Landon are benefitting from this. If those chubby cheeks and milky eyes don't reflect hearts soaked with love... well, we could come up with other reasons.

Sometimes it's okay to be spoiled, and we think that these kiddos deserve it, especially after all that they have been through. And then we just have to say, "Thank You!" to all of you.

"Thank You!"

You guys have given these children a Christmas that they will never forget through your generous packages full of presents, your monthly sponsorship that keeps things running over here, and your donations. Lives are being saved, hearts are healing and hope is rising as love grows here.

Keep your eyes out on our website for the scrapbooks soon to come. Already released: Baby's First Christmas and Party in the Playroom. Coming soon: Foster Family Fun and A Southern Christmas (NDS).

We'll also be publishing photos on our facebook page. Share the Joy!

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