Friday, December 9, 2011

First Christmas

We're feeling a bit of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season here at NDFH. Packages have been arriving since Thanksgiving, we just decorated the foster home yesterday, and "Jingle Bells" has replaced "Old MacDonald" during songtime in preschool.

For most of our babies, this is their first Christmas! Nicole spent Christmas last year in the hospital, recovering from surgery. We're so thankful that she's here to help us decorate the little tree in the CCU this year!

Joseph has been through a lot during his short life, but he's made it. He is alive and strong and not totally sure he approves of the Christmas tree... Thanfully he's willing to help anyways.

She was fighting for her life last Christmas, and last week she was in the hospital with pneumonia. Claire came home a few days ago, just in time to help decorate. You had better stay healthy through Christmas, Claire, we have a lot of packages with your name on them!

And then we have Carolyn, our newest sweetheart. She's three years old and post-op for hydrocephalus. She's done so well during her first few days. We're touched by her gentle and quiet spirit, and the simple joy that she radiates as she explores her new surroundings. Welcome, Carolyn, you came just in time to celebrate your first Christmas!

First Christmases are magical, aren't they?


  1. Merry Christmas to all your little helpers and May you all have a healthy and blessed Christmas!


  2. LOVE this time of the year--and what a blessing to see the little ones marking new milestones, especially Sweet Carolyn, one of the newest on the block, who has such a gleam in her eye! (And I can't help but notice the two blue Christmas balls that make wonderful Mickey Mouse ears ... maybe next year she'll be going to Disney World Hong Kong with her forever family?!) Waiting for her beautiful future to unfold. Hugs--Valerie