Friday, November 25, 2011


...for Philip. It was said of him that he'd never learn and never walk. We're thankful that his will, determination and sweet heart have proven both predictions false. "Never" is not in Philip's vocabulary.

... for Angela. She's full of spunk, a complete doll, and has done so well in therapy that she may no longer need braces on her feet. Being willing to persevere even when it hurts, now that's spunk!

... for Landon, his big and gentle heart is now being nurtured in a foster family. He's doing so well, and if you happen to not be looking in his direction, will walk independently without his walker... As long as nobody's looking, of course.

... for Wendy. Her Indian face paint is beautiful, but not as lovely as the mask we don't see anymore. She's learning to trust and learning to love.

... for Elliot, who may look meek as he waits patiently for seconds, but just ten seconds would prove to you that he's a fearless leader who will stand up for his little foster siblings... and his pumpkin pie.

...and then we're thankful for you. We're thankful to our sponsors; because of you we can say "yes" to more children. We're thankful to those who donate to our medial fund, or sponsors surgeries; because of you lives are saved. And we're thankful to our blog readers; because you love these children, children who are not forgotten.


  1. I am so unbelievably thankful for Mr. Philip too! When we visited the was my buddy and I love that little boy! :)

  2. ...they are definitely NOT forgotten! Oh how I love those kiddos and wish you were closer, so we could just come on by for a visit and help out with whatever is needed. But since that isn't possible, we'll continue loving on them from afar,as you love them and meet their needs right where they are!

    Blessings! <><

  3. Counting the blessings with you!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all at the place where love grows!
    Love & Blessings,