Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leaf Rakers for Hire!

Alex, Serena and Hannah spent a good deal of time outside the other afternoon. An Autumn wind had just blown through, and the ground was covered in leaves. Wu Shifu (our gardener) enlisted the able three to assist him in cleaning up the backyard, and they were a lot of help.

Alex scooped up armfuls of leaves and put them into the cart. He was quick and efficient. And determined. He wanted to get this job done well.

Hannah made sure that the leaves stayed in the cart... and then she asked to get in and "splash" around. She didn't care quite so much about doing the job well, she was just having fun!

Serena decided that she was big enough to pedal the cart around the yard to the raker's next location. She was! It took her a little effort to climb up onto the bike's seat, but when she had successfully mounted it, her smile could not be beat. "Careful!" we reminded her. "I can do it myself!" She proudly announced.

The kids did a lot of hard work... but we highly doubt that they felt like they actually "worked," because it was so much fun!

Does anyone need some able bodied, happy smiling, leaf rakers? We're willing and ready to go!


P.S. Those who guessed Jabin in our Wordless Wednesday: Guess Who? were right!


  1. These three are often together in pictures. They seem like good buddies. :)

    -- Emily

  2. Who knew racking leaves was so much fun??! What happy helpers they are!