Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pre-K's Unexpected Star Student

Claire has been one of the Foster Home’s token miracle children, and if you haven’t heard much of her story, I encourage you to read up on the miracles that have already happened in her life (check out her story). Because of her medical needs, Claire spent a good portion of her two years at New Day in the hospital getting necessary surgeries and bringing her into better health.

Since she left the hospital for the last time, Claire has been doing incredibly well. She was placed in the Pre-K Transition class because she is a little older and in need of some remedial work to catch her up.  At first, Claire was one of the students who needed more help and had more trouble staying on task. However, since she joined the Pre-K class a few months ago, she has made so many improvements.

The class has recently been working on counting, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and other Pre-K skills all in the context of a letter of the week. All the students have been showing improvement in the class and they are learning a lot. Claire, however, is not one that we expected to necessarily grasp everything the first time.

But here is where Claire exceeds our expectations again. To our delight, Claire has really latched onto the ABCs, rising as a star student! She points out letters on signs, in movies, on t-shirts, and in books! I have seen a growing confidence in her abilities, even in her quiet, shy voice becoming more pronounced as she answers teachers’ questions in school. She takes pride in her work and enjoys learning.  It seems clear that the miracles that restored Claire’s body were not the only ones to be done in her life.

--This post was written by Faith


  1. You are simply amazing, Miss Claire! Way to go!

  2. Claire,
    you are without a doubt, a STAR! Keep up the good work sweet girl.

  3. The miracles continue! Way to go Claire!