Friday, September 9, 2011


Jace recently recieved a package that was "just for him." Inside that package was a bag of lollipops that weren't just for him, but were to share with all of his friends. After preschool, Jace decided that it was time to pass out the treats. He wanted to pass them out the same way his teacher passed out treats, so he hadd all of the students line up against the wall.

Jace did a very good job sharing. He was very serious about his task and made sure that each friend got one lollipop - just one.

 Making his way down the line, Jace asked each of his friends, "Ready?"

"Ready!" they replied, clasping their hands. "Hao (good)" Jace replied, and gave them their sweet treat.

William was pretty excited about his lollipop, and had to show everybody which flavor he got. We're glad that Jace had this opportunity to practice sharing. It feels good, doesn't it, Jace?

Jace had a lot of candy to pass out, and when he was done, there was still a bag of treats leftover. Jace, bag of candy under his arm, told his nanny, "I'm going to put these in my room, because they're mine." The nannies were quick to tell him that this wasn't allowed...

Nice try, Jace.

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  1. hahaha... nice try indeed. So glad the nannies love that lil fella enough to keep him from the sick tummy that would come from THAT situation!