Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Playroom Police

Samuel went through a rabbit obsession phase, for about a month.  He gets fixated on items and greatly enjoys their presence in his life.  For a time this fixation was the stuffed bunnies that littered the downstairs playroom.  Samuel also has one other non-temporary fixation called CARS. 

He is all boy.  One of the first words he learned to say was qi che, Mandarin for car.  So, one day, Samuel happily toddles into the downstairs playroom.  There is no one in there but myself and this content little two year old boy.  He rushes over to the toys and grabs a stuffed rabbit off the shelf, hugs it tightly to his chest and proceeds to toddle around the empty playroom, happily calling out qi che, qi che, as he goes. 

Vincent, the next youngster to enter the playroom, takes one look at the r
abbit in Samuel’s arms and listens for one second to the words coming out of Samuel’s mouth and freezes.  Horror mixed with disbelief cross his face for an instant before he tears over to Samuel, finger outstretched in the universal symbol for “no” and hollers at Samuel, “NO QI CHE!!”. 

Samuel contentedly oblivious to all things but his rabbit and his endless stream of “qi che” never pauses or even acknowledges Vincent.  Completely flabbergasted by the sheer audacity of calling a clearly stuffed rabbit a car, Vincent proceeded to follow Samuel around the playroom constantly informing him of his VERY incorrect assessment of the toy’s nature.

---This post was written by one of our interns.

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  1. What a cute story. I love that little Vincent, and the photos were captured just perfectly for this post! They are both such precious little boys!!