Friday, August 12, 2011

Please Walk on the Grass!

There's an unspoken rule in China that says, "Don't Walk on the Grass." Grass is for beauty and the fewer the feet trampling on it, the more beautiful it is. Well, here at NDFH, we have a different rule, "The Grass is for the Children." The kids are encouraged to walk and play on it.

Jayce didn't get that memo. He did all he could to keep his feet off of the grass.

Or maybe he's just a very compliant Chinese?

Or could it be that maybe, just maybe, he doesn't like the feeling of grass?

Whatever the reason, Jayce's aversion to stepping on or touching the grass is pretty cute.


  1. This just brightens my day. He is sooo cute!!

  2. All I know, is he is as cute as can be! ADORABLE!! :)

  3. My feet feel ticklish now! Too cute Jayce!