Friday, August 26, 2011

Pear Picking

The small pear tree in our backyard was ready to be relieved of it's juicy fruits, so we recruited a group of eager little hands to pick it clean.

Lucy Kate reaches for a nice big pear. She wanted to find the prettiest one.

Joel tried to find the sweetest smelling pear, so he got up close to get a big sniff. Don't worry, all of the pears were washed well before being eaten!

Elliot's pear was nearly as big as his face! He took huge big bites and savored every mouthful.

Claire had a wonderful time picking and eating pears. Seriously, could she get any prettier?

There are more pictures of this fun activity in our latest scrapbook - check them out!


  1. What fun to have a pear tree in your own back yard! The scrapbook photos are SO cute. And that Elliot ~ I still have such a sweet spot in my heart for that handsome little guy!!

  2. For some reason, this reminds me of the Garden of Eden. The pictures on your blog are always so beautiful and heart felt. Whoever is your photographer is awesome!! They truly capture each child's little personality.
    Your pictures just add to my day! They are all precious!