Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mary and Melissa

Mary and Melissa have a lot in common. 

They are both beautiful little ladies who turned one in June. They both live in foster families, their English names start with the letter, "M," and they have both been making significant developmental gains since they arrived.

Melissa is a confident walker these days. According to her foster mom, Melissa walks everywhere and is very proud of her ability.

Mary may grow up to be a musician. She loves playing with musical toys and does her own little dance when she hears music that she likes. 

Melissa and Mary have another thing in common: their hair. They both came in one day with nearly the same identical hair-do. Melissa has never had quite the head of hair that Mary has, but was modeling, for the first time, the "ponytail on top". It suits her very well, don't you think? Looking at her lovely dark brown hair and inquisitive countenance, it's hard to recall the tiny baby that she once was.

Mary's hair has been the talk of the foster home since she arrived. It's no wonder; she has a beautiful head of hair that just keeps on growing. Her foster mom knows just how to do it, putting the glossy black lengths up into a few strategically placed ponytails that turn Mary into the personification of "adorable."

The girls keep on growing and it's hard to imagine how much older they will look in a few months. And how much longer their hair will be...

Speaking of little girls, check out the newest blog in our Extended Family! Kiah's, now Elliana's, family has asked us to add them to the list!


  1. Both Melissa and Mary are beautiful girls!!--and what a JOY to see Melissa walking!

  2. They are both sooo precious!! Little miracles!

  3. Two beautiful, beautiful girls!

  4. Hi Hannah,
    Would you please check to see if Kiah's family blog is indeed on the site? I've been checking frequently and not seeing it. Thanks!