Friday, August 5, 2011

Little Lena

At seven weeks old, she weighes less than most newborn babies.

Her skin feels suptle and soft, her hair dark and smooth.

When she's asleep, she refuses to be awakened. Her eyelids gently close and her chest rises and falls with the rhythm of her breathing.

And when she opens her eyes, they glow, big and brown and expressive.

Lena arrived at NDFH late on Monday, August 1. She was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia on Wednesday. Even though she's only been here one full day, we miss her dearly.


  1. Thankful that she has arrived into ND's care! Such a peaceful and beautiful sleeper! I am hopeful that she will heal quickly now that she has reached this place of rest and comfort. She is on her journey to even deeper love. And although her sweet face in beautiful--the glassy look in her eye tells this mama that she isn't feeling her best and misses a bit of spunk that I'm sure will appear when her pneumonia clears!!--Again, what a blessing to know that HE provides healing ... and uses your hands to give it. Shower her with love like you are so good at doing! --Blessings!

  2. We too are so thankful that Lena was blessed with being able to placed at New Day!
    Praying for healing.

  3. little lena your SPECIAL and God Loves you....God thank you for placing her at ND she's another lucky child.


  4. Praying for little Lena. Grateful she is in the place "Where Love Grows"!