Monday, August 29, 2011

The Feature Presentation

Riding a bus is the ultimate adventure in the eyes of our children. That, and the fact that whenever we get onto a bus we go somewhere exciting, makes the ride lots of fun. And then having McDonalds for lunch? It's their favorite and you can never go wrong with French fries.

Samuel soaked everything up on his first fieldtrip. From lunch, through playtime and on into the movie, his big eyes just got wider and wider.

This is the life, eh, Alex? His first McDonalds adventure was a complete success...

...and then completely melting the heart of a famous actress? Not many guys can say that they've done that.

Popcorn, a bottle of juice and cool glasses made the movie complete for William and Isaac. Considering the amount of juice that our children drank throughout the day, the number of bathroom trips during the movie averaged out to be pretty acceptable. Some decided that they needed the "potty" whenever they got scared (Jace) and others didn't need to go out at all (Jabin).

This fun fieldtrip was sponsored by CCTV, who got the kids into Cars 2 the very day it was released in China. They also did interviews with some of our children and took lots of pictures and video clips. We hear that the segment should be aired sometime this week, and we'll let you know if there ends up being a video of it that we can link here. Right now, you can check out this site which is full of pictures and even some video clips of our adventure. If you have Googletoolbar, you should be able to translate the page. If not, the pictures can speak for themselves.

(l-r First row: Timothy, Landon, Lily, Noah, Lucy Kate, Jabin, Joshua, Philip, Claire, Isaac.
2nd row: Vincent, Serena, William, Alex, Lena, Jace, Emelia, Elliot)

Serena, Alex and Lucy Kate were each interviewed individually... maybe they'll make the TV cut? There are lots of pictures of this adventure over in our scrapbook, don't miss out!

The movie was great, but in all honesty, our kids stole the show and we're sure you agree that they are the real feature presentation.

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