Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So They Raced...

This post was actually written a month ago, but never ended up getting posted. The pictures are just too cute to not share, though. Josiah has since graduated downstairs with the older children and Joy is sporting enough hair to hold in some adorable bows. It's amazing how fast they grow.


Joy and Josiah are buddies. They're co-conspirators. Two peas in a pod. Friends.

This little mirror was quite the popular toy between Joy and Josiah the other day. They both had to have a look at it. So they raced.

Josiah, being the chunkier one, managed to have the mirror all to himself for a few minutes while Joy had to peer over his shoulder.

...he just can't get enough of his reflection!

Finally Joy her turn. Was it everything you had dreamed of, Joy?


Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers toward Ajay, our precious alumni. He's more stable right now but still in critical condition. His mom has updated their blog with more information.

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