Monday, May 16, 2011

Acts of Kindness

Not only do the kids look the sweetest, they also act the sweetest! Three children amazed with their thoughtfulness this week: Emelia, Joshua and Jayden.

Emelia has recently been having English lessons/play time with some friends in the afternoon. One of her good buddies is Harry... but Emelia doesn't always want to do what Harry wants to do. The other day Harry was a little bit upset because of something that happened earlier in the afternoon and Emelia noticed.

"Let's play with this car." Harry said to Emelia.

Emelia didn't want to the play with the car, she really wanted to ride bikes. However, she decided to do what Harry wanted to do and they played with the car. Later on, the two of them went to sit down and Emelia snuggled up close to Harry in a comforting sort of way. She was extremely conscious of his desires the whole afternoon and we definitely saw the "big sister" in her. Her foster mom praises the care she demonstrates to her younger foster siblings and it was very evident today.


Samuel spent a bit of time in the hospital recently because of a bout with asthma. He's out now and doing fabulously, and he's especially glad to be back in preschool. The other day, Joshua went for a check-up to the same hospital where Samuel was staying. Joshua brought some of his special new cars with him. While they were there Joshua went to visit Samuel for a few minutes. Time was short and they couldn't stay long, but Samuel didn't want them to leave. Samuel cried for a few minutes and it really affected Joshua. On his way out of the hospital Joshua gasped.

"Car, Samuel. Car... Samuel!" He was holding out his cars - his special new cars, frantically pointing back to where Samuel was. Sweet Joshua knew of Samuel's limitless love for cars and wanted to share his own with his little brother.


Jadeyn goes by "Short Stuff" around here. She's tiny in stature but more than makes up for it in personality. Being so little, she's looks like everybody's little sister, when really she's the big sister to a few little ones too. Like Evie.

One day Evie was crying and Jadeyn, her big sister instincts alert, cried, "Mei mei, Mei mei! (little sister, little sister!)" Then she tottered over to Evie on her sturdy little legs and patted Evie's cheek. Her tenderness made us smile. There's nothing more precious than sisters that love one another.

 With those big hearts and smiles, you kids are going to go far!

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  1. I suspect another reason for their amazing acts of kindness is how much they are loved there!