Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Want To Be...

 Dress-up is a time of dreaming. It's an opportunity to become anything you want to be. It's a chance to be silly and pretend that you are part of another world.

We dressed Rosie up in an outfit that made her look like she came from a far away village in China. She's been doing so well lately. Walking about on her own, exploring and beginning to try new things, we're excited to see where her "fighter spirit" takes her.

Lindsey was dressed up as a beautiful princess. She always carries herself so regally and elegantly that this was the perfect outfit for our little empress.

 Jace and Vincent tried on multiple outfits. They're still not quite sure what they want to be when they grow up, but chef and elf sounded pretty good the other day. Specifically, Vincent is the Muffin Man. He thought that, after singing the song so many times, it was about time that someone actually made some muffins. They were yummy!

This picture was not Daniel or Lindsey's idea. Lindsey thought that she was merely trying on another pretty dress, and Daniel was rather disappointed at the lack of muscles in this new costume. The previous costumes he tried on were all of the superhero variety. Neither Daniel nor Lindsey were too concerned about this picture, but in 10-20 years they may regret their innocent compliance.

Many more picture in the scrapbook!

Ethan's family has asked us to share their family's blog with you - which we are very happy to do! The link will also be in our extended family section.


  1. Oh precious! Dress up is so fun, it's one of my kiddos' favorite thing to do!
    They are adorable!

  2. Who doesn't love dress up? And dreaming!
    Precious post.
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  3. This is one of the SWEETEST posts in photos!! They are all SO precious! Glad to see their imaginations soaring as they enjoy some fun time of dressing up ...ADORABLE!!! :)

  4. My crew here loves dress up time as well. So fun to see little personalities shining through what they choose to wear ~ even if the groom is disappointed in his "muscle-less" costume.
    Thanks for the picture!