Monday, March 14, 2011

The Greatest Fun

Toys are fun to play with. Books are fun to read. Stuffed animals are fun to snuggle with but, there is an even greater fun.

New toys.

New toys come in many different forms. Sometimes they are found under the sofa after being hidden for months, weeks, or even just days! Sometimes they come as hand-me-downs from friends, or as yardsale purchases. Regardless of where the new toys come from, they always cause excitement in a child and spark the fire of their imagination. New toys are opportunities for adventures to places never before traveled.

Some friends of NDFH in China donated these fun new outdoor toys for our courtyard. We set them up the other day, then let the children loose to play! They had a great time!

We couldn't have wiped their grins off if we tried! The children were delightful to watch! It wasn't just their excitement over the new toys that made us smile, but the way that the children played with each other. They took turns and shared (most of the time) and laughed and smiled (all of the time). 

The kids all love playing with new toys, but even without them they have a good time. They love to play with each other because they are best friends. And while new toys certainly are a lot of fun, it seems to us that playing with your best friend is the greatest fun of all.


  1. Looks like LOADS of fun... wish we could come and play, too!! ;) So fun to see so many happy smiles on their faces. There's nothing that brightens up my day more!!!

  2. Hey TanyaLea,
    I totally agree with you. I must say the pictures are just fabulous. It's gives you immense pleasure to see such beautiful smile on all these lovely little kids. There is surely nothing more beautiful than his.
    Thanks for putting up such a nice post.