Thursday, February 24, 2011

If the Sock Fits...

In a recent package from a sponsor we were delighted to find bundles of bright and fun socks!

Ajay chose to wear his favorite color, green. He loved the bright colors and wore his socks for the rest of the day! Jayce wore the yellow socks. He didn't care which color he wore but his nanny felt like yellow would be more appropriate for him than pink. He's growing into quite the little man!

Josiah picked out blue socks to wear. He looked adorable with the slightly-too-big socks on his feet.

We brought the socks down to preschool to pass out and the children went crazy over them! Emelia has on some cute polka dots and Lucy Kate is showing off her flower decorated sock. Doesn't Tony look proud of his zebra striped socks? He's a handsome boy who's doing very well.

Funky leopard print socks made therapy extra fun for Joel. He's been working on his footwork recently and we can't wait to see where his determination leads him.

A big "thank you" to all of our sponsors and those who send packages of goodies for the children. You make their day every day!


  1. They really did "bless their socks off"! Or in this case....ON!
    Adorable! My favorite is the pre-schoolers showing off their socks and one in the back sticking his feet up in the air! Who is that, by the way?

  2. Oh these photos are 'knock my socks off' cute!

  3. Kathleen, Mia and MarikaFebruary 24, 2011 at 3:31 PM

    I love these-- the children look so happy with all the wonderful colors!!! Can somebody tell me what the best way to send packages from the U.S. is? I know the USPS postage is outrageous and I am just looking for the most efficient way (i.e. I would like to spend as much of the $$$ as possible in what goes into the package, and not the postage). Any help at all would be SO appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for posting the pictures!! I was afraid the package didn't make it al the way across the ocean.

    FYI to Kathleen...the cheapest way I found to send them is USPS believe it or not. The absolute cheapest is Flat Rate International, but it is tricky getting everything to fit into that small of a box (even their large box is pretty small if you are trying to send toys). You can send your own box (i.e. not the flat rate box) but it is a little more (it depends on weight and dimensions), but according to my calculations still cheaper than FedEx, UPS or DSL. With the Flat Rate International you cannot track the package to its destination in China....only to the last place it is in the U.S.

    The sock idea is in honor of Robert/Jace who likes to take his nap holding his socks! Praying for a successful surgery for him and a quick recovery.

  5. Socks? Who knew they could bring so much joy? I've got some new ideas for the suitcase we'll be bringing come summer...