Monday, February 14, 2011

Do You Love Me?

Samuel and Lucy Kate have something in common. They both have very special feet. In Lucy Kate's case, she merely had a clubbed foot and has already had surgery for it. For Samuel? Well, he only has one foot, and it's not the most normal foot around.

Willa and Samuel were sitting in preschool chatting the other day. "What happened with your foot?" Lucy Kate asked. Samuel just grinned. He wasn't embarrassed because he knew that she wasn't teasing him. Lucy Kate would never tease, so Samuel gave her one of his signature smiles.

We snapped the picture above of that moment, and the video below is what happened afterward. Trust me, it's worth the watch!

In case it was hard to follow, Lucy Kate leans in close to Samuel and asks, "Do you love me?" Samuel grunts affirmatively. "I like you." Lucy Kate tells him. She's not sure that he heard, so she leans in a bit closer and says it again. "I like you." Samuel nods and Lucy Kate's satisfied. She settles back with pleased look on her face and Vincent's singing commences to drown out any other action.


  1. Now THAT was absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!! I love his little nod when she asks him if he loves her....oh my. They are just too cute!

  2. OH ... How I love this pair!
    Happy Valentines Day from Hong Kong,

  3. Oh my goodness I love this! Yes, Lucy Kate, we love you, more than you will ever know. Happy Valentine's Day sweet girl.

  4. HA! Samuel is shy!! YES! he loves you Lucy Kate!! and we love you too! - yeye -