Friday, February 18, 2011

Aw, Grandma!

Our visit to the Lantern Festival yesterday was incredible! The children were awed by the hundreds of fan dancers, pantomime shows and even a few dragon dances. Because the Festival was only a short walk away from the Foster Home, we brought the healthy, older foster home children, and the whole afternoon preschool class! The children were excited to see some familiar faces when the Healing Home came out to watch, as well as some other foster family children who came with their foster parents. Keith got a special surprise from his foster mom, whom he calls "Nai Nai" (Grandma). She was one of the scarf dancers!

After Nai Nai's group was done with their dance we brought Keith over to say "Hi." He was happy to hang out for a bit until he started getting a little too much attention for his liking. He didn't feel like the scarf dancing prodigy they wanted him to be.

A little bit shy and rather embarrassed, Keith consented to a hug. We giggled at his blushing cheeks and restrained ourselves from giving them a grandmotherly squeeze.

Everyone needs to be embarrassed now and then by their Grandma, right?


  1. Oh how my heart is singing and ribbon dancing right now! :)
    Keith, I love your Nai Nai! She reminds me of your Granmart here...who would take a ribbon and dance to the beat in a New York Minute!
    I'm afraid I will not be able to refrain from giving your cheeks big ol' squeezes and kisses, Keith. How could anyone resist you?
    I promise we will not make you ribbon dance...well, not at first anyway! :)
    We love you Keith buddy! Kevin talks about you all the time and was just carrying your picture around last night calling you "Keefah".
    We're praying for you sweet boy...

  2. I love the pictures of the Lantern Festival in the scrapbook, too! Are those the strollers from Albee Baby?

  3. What a wonderful experience for all of the children to be a part of!! Keith is TOOOOO cute... I just knew Laine was going to love this post! It's wonderful to see the bond between him and his Nai Nai... so sweet ~ and I LOVE those blushing cheeks. You all did well restraining yourselves, because I'm not certain I could have resisted myself!! ;)

    What a great way to round out the CNY celebrations!