Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Serena!

Serena has such a sweet, sweet spirit! She is doing so well. She is progressing by leaps and bounds these days! We are so proud of what she has accomplished thus far and know she has a bright future ahead.

Here, she is working on her Fine Motor skills and eye/hand coordination which can be a little more challenging for her due to her vision difficulties than most children. However, like so many of our children here with their own special needs, they seem to overcome and find a way. It is amazing and wonderful to see them accomplish tasks that often were told us by doctors that they'd never be able to do. Where there's a will--there's a way!

Despite Serena's vision challenges, she functions quite well. In fact, people who often visit us here would never know that she wasn't just another child with glasses. She writes, is learning to read, she now rides a bicycle, and she does all the things other children do. Yes, she sometimes stubbles or runs into things a bit more than normal, but other than that, she is like any other child. We're so proud of Serena and all the things she is accomplishing and the challenges she has learned to overcome! Way to go Serena!!


  1. Just so great to see her, that smile, that capable confident smile! How absolutely wonderful. Our son (her former foster brother) loves to see stories and photos with her on the blog, he's so happy to see her happy. He knows, better than we, how far she has come from where they both were. How far he's come. And how good that is for both of them!!!!

  2. She is so sweet and amazing all in one! :)

  3. Yahoo Serena, you are outstanding! Your smile lights up the room!

  4. It is amazing how much she has blossomed in just eight short months. We were there to bring Khloe home when Serena arrived at NewDay. She sure sounds like a bright girl, and I love her sweet smile!! It never ceases to amaze me what LOVE can do! <><