Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seasons Changing

These last 3 years of working with New Day Foster Home have been such a blessing to me.  It's impossible to describe all the ways it has molded and shaped and changed me.  The fact that I could play some small part in bringing hope and healing to our precious children is something for which I'll always be grateful. 

But seasons change... and while there is always some sense of loss in the change, there's also expectation and anticipation and joy.  Many of you may know from reading our personal blog that Jacob and I have decided to move back to the USA.  We leave in February, shortly after the birth of our first baby on January 5th.

Leaving the work I've done here at New Day is difficult, but I know it is time to switch my priorities for a season of life and give someone else an opportunity to experience the incredible blessing I've experienced!

You may have noticed that Hannah has been writing a lot of the blog posts recently.  Hannah moved to China with her family a little over a year ago, and she's been interested in getting more involved in public relations and writing.  So she's taking over my role at New Day Foster Home.  She's a talented and beautiful young woman with a unique voice, and I know you will enjoy hearing the stories of our little ones from her perspective.

We may be physically leaving New Day, but there is such life and hope and transformation occurring in this place... I can't imagine leaving it behind forever.  We will remain connected to NDFH, and hopefully that means we can stay connected with you as well!  The friendships I've made with people all around the world who share a passion for our kids... that's just another one of the many things I treasure from my time here! 

So, please stay in touch.  If you don't have my personal contact information and want to remain connected, please e-mail me at  But, if you have any questions about NDFH work or want more information about how you can partner with us, please begin emailing


  1. You will be SO MISSED by SO MANY people--big and small!

    Your obedience has challenged my faith and I praise God for how HE shines through you!

    I look forward to Hannah's posts-actually I've already enjoyed the ones she has written! You are right, she is very talented!

    I hope you will keep your other blog so that we can keep up with your family of THREE through that! :) Would love to pray you through this new season and transition...

    THANK YOU JACOB AND CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!! We will not stop praying for you!!!!!!!



  2. Carrie,
    I will miss "seeing" you being at New Day. I have loved reading your posts about life in China and the children you love so much.

    I wish you, Jacob and your precious new baby all the best as you begin your new life in the states.

    Dawn in WI

  3. carrie
    WOW! what an amazing experience you've had at ND...God has brought you a child now to love and care for like you have loved & cared for all the children at ND. May God continue to bless you and Jacob. i will miss reading your post on the blog...i love your way of writing your a very talented writer. i wish you, jacob and your new addition (can't wait to her all about this little bundle) the very best. again, thank you so much for being so wonderful to the sisler's while we were at ND adopting emma lael (addison) your part of our story. we LOVE you and i can't wait to start making your baby quilt ;)
    Love, kisses & hugs
    andrea, kent, natalie, garrett, emma lael sisler & my mom connie

  4. Carrie-

    Thank you doesn’t even seem like enough………Thank you for being the voice for the children of New Day. Thank you for being their advocate. Thank you for loving them unconditionally.

    May God bless you & Jacob in this new journey! Congratulations on your new little addition!

    With much love- Danae

  5. Carrie,

    Congratulations to you and Jacob on the arrival of your adorable daughter! Also, may God bless you in your new season of life. I have to write to let you know about how inspiring you have been to me. I had just started researching the China special needs adoption program when I came across New Day and both of your blogs. I have been a "regular reader" ever since! I have learned a great deal about adoption through you and also about broadening my faith and comfort zone. As I said, you have been inspiring! We are getting closer and closer to realizing the miracle of adoption. THANK YOU for all that you have done to advocate for the beautiful children of China. I truly hope you will continue to write somehow as I think you have important things to say. Enjoy your little one and your parenthood journey. THANK YOU for helping me realize my dream!