Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's A Girl!

"Baby!" Vincent called out to Ethan and Robert as they clustered about Carrie in the hallway. He was already gently rubbing the little bundle, seeming to understand already that this baby was what had been in Carrie's tummy all along.

 "Baby! Baby!" Ethan said as he quickly reached out his hand to touch the little head. Robert hesitated for a minute, and then he also gently patted the soft little head.

They dragged Carrie and her still-sleeping child into the playroom to show the others. Reagan was awed by the tiny little person. Joshua pushed the baby aside to check and make sure that there was nobody left in Carrie's tummy. They were all amazed.

Vincent gently laid a kiss on her little cheek and was followed by the rest of the children. They had been waiting so long to meet their new 小妹妹 (little sister).

Robert raced to the preschool, his little legs moving as fast as they could. "Baby! Baby!" he shouted, interrupting the younger children's singing. time. This was much more important than "Old MacDonald." When Cora saw Carrie walk through the door her eyes widened and she let out a joyful (and hearty) shriek of excitement! Clapping her hands and jumping in her seat she literally flew into Carrie's lap, meeting the newest Cora for the first time. Samuel came too, first looking, and then patting gently. Then he laid a sweet kiss on her cheek.

Welcome into the world Miss Cora (her name has nothing to do with our Cora, they just happened to be named by likeminded people). I think we're pretty safe in assuring you that you have the best honorary older siblings there are.


  1. Oh my... they are so wonderfully gentle and adoring... that is true love!!

  2. So absolutely precious! They are all so full of adoration for their new "mei mei"!
    Again, absolutely precious!

  3. Oh so sweet! Welcome to the world, Cora!

  4. I was waiting for pictures of this event!! I knew there were going to be some adoring children longing to meet their precious 'mei mei' Cora! The photos tell the story perfectly well! LOVE it ~ SO precious!!!

  5. Too Sweet! Love the hat on the littlest Cora...was it made by someone there? If so, is that something Scarlet Threads could add to their line? Just wondering!!