Monday, January 24, 2011

Dreaming Big!!

Isn't this a beautiful picture of Hannah?!

She looks all dreamy here. Makes you wonder what she's thinking about, doesn't it?!

Like Serena, Hannah is also making great strides these days. While there were some months where we seemed to have lots of trouble just learning our colors, something seemed to click in her brain and now, WOW, she is making lots of progress!! She has not only learned her colors in English as well as Chinese, but she also knows all the letters of the alphabet, can also write several of them, is learning to count and so many other things. She has been doing some kindergarten work and continues to learn at a faster than normal pace, which means she's doing some catch up. We couldn't be more pleased and are proud of you Hannah!! Keep up the good work!!


  1. The former teacher in me is excited with you about "the lightbulb" going off for Hannah! I'm sure that the unconditional love she experiences on a daily basis has much to do with her strides!

  2. I think of all the transitions I've seen in children, Hannah's is one of the most miraculous! Thank you for the LOVE yall lavish on her!
    It SHOWS!

  3. It is a beautiful picture indeed. Hannah is clearly is blossoming in the place where love grows!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. It never ceases to amaze me what some good one-on-one love can do for a child ~ she has transformed and blossomed into such a beautiful and bright young girl since being in your care! Yes, like Kim said ... "the place where LOVE GROWS" !!!


  5. It has been great to watch her blossom over the past year. Such a blessing.