Friday, January 28, 2011

Dance Party in the Playroom

Today in the playroom a spontaneous dance party broke out involving Brooke, Annabelle and Angela.  The older two, Annabelle and Angela, were sitting on my lap facing each other.  A song was playing in the background and I began dancing to the music.  By dancing I mean moving my arms around in a vain attempt to match the music.  Annabelle, who was facing me, began to join in, first by just swaying then started mimicking my arm movements.  Then Annabelle grabbed my hands and stood up and danced.  Angela wanted to join in and reached for Annabelle's hands.  To my surprise and enduring delight, Anabelle took Angela's hands, stood up and swayed and danced with Angela.  As we continued our party, Brooke was sitting and watching very closely.  All of sudden, I looked over and she was moving her arms and giggling.  She had the biggest grin on her face and was so pleased with herself.

As if all this was not cute enough, Samuel decided to get involved.  He desperately wanted Annabelle to play with him but she was too interested in dancing.  So Samuel came over and gave her a sweet little kiss on the cheek.  I told Annabelle "aww he gave you a kiss".  She looked at me and started making her sound for the word kiss and trying to give me a kiss.  Then Angela leaned forward and tried to give Annabelle a kiss.  Anabelle at first was quite skeptical but I told her that Angela wanted to give her a kiss.  So Annabelle leaned forward and let Angela kiss her, then gave Angela a kiss of her own.  A little later, Annabelle again tried to give me a kiss but could not reach me.  Annabelle was quite upset that she could not reach me, so I showed her how to blow a kiss and she sent me a kiss through the air.

It was a very fun and adorable moment for me and the little ones seemed to have a blast dancing and kissing.

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  1. awwhhh, what a CUTE post. The photos are great ...especially of Samuel kissing her foot! Love it!! :)

    Happy CNY!