Monday, December 6, 2010

A Car Full of Laughter

There were no, "Are we there yet?"s from this happy crew! As soon as Amy, the Foster Home manager, unfolded this new car, shrill cries of joy filled the room. Reagan and Ethan were awed that they could fit inside so comfortably! Vincent discovered the weaknesses in the car's stability first hand and Robert, well, he was too excited for words! Does the look on his face give you any reason to doubt that he is one happy kid?

The children had loads of fun in the polyester race car, and weren't daunted at all by the fact that it kept swaying and threatening to tip over. We have a strong feeling that was the best part.

Set your hearts at rest, the car did not run over Robert. Rather, Robert ran under the car!

Can't get enough of their happy faces? There are more photos over in our scrapbook!


  1. I'm thinking someone might get pulled over for speeding! :)
    What fun!

  2. I often cry when on the blog. The lives you have each touched. The depths you all have nursed them out of. From my Lillian to Claire (still fighting the fight), there are no words for the gratitude! The Lord is so good and I am glad He has given each of you at New Day a heart for orphans!
    God Bless-
    Heather (mommy to Lillian)