Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Best Gifts of All

Christmas is a time of giving... and receiving! We've been so blessed this year by all of our children. They have given us some wonderful presents. None of the things they have given us have been tangible, but they are incalculable in value. The hope we see in their eyes each day, the miracles we witness in their bodies and the gentleness that so quickly enfolds their spirits is worth more than a thousand candy canes and one too many sweaters.

Our gift to you this year is just a little taste of what they've given us!

Polly is a special gift! She's learning how to try new things and is now an official preschooler! We're so excited for the growth that she's made and can't help but anticipate all the gains she will continue to make next year.

Cora and William are some of the most precious foster siblings on this half of the globe! Last Christmas we rejoiced in Cora's miraculous recovery after a successful heart surgery;  this Christmas we're amazed at all the new things she is saying and doing. William was never supposed to be able to walk, but with lots of therapy and a relentless spirit, it's not unusual to see him running down the halls.

Emelia, Donovan and Shaun (not shown in the picture below) make an foster adorable family! The transformation Emelia has made is nothing short of amazing. She's the perfect big sister to her little foster brothers! Donovan has not been here very long, but we have watched him open up and the new spark in his eyes is proof of a revived spirit!

Do you remember when little Miss Melody was a baby? My, has she grown! Those thick black pigtails speak for themselves showing us how much this little one has changed!

We'd better keep our eyes on Melissa or she'll sprout up like Melody did. Melissa is a dear, sweet little one and we're already anticipating the shock of comparing this picture with one taken next year!

The children have received many presents this Christmas, but for us, they're the best gifts of all!


  1. ...and YOU are a gift to them, too! So glad to have our precious NDFH 'gift' home this year... no more STALKING the blog and scrapbook for her photos! Now I'm the paparazzi!! ;)

    But we sure do enjoy keeping up with the other precious kiddos there... so many have stolen our hearts! Merry Christmas, NewDay, and God bless you all! <><


  2. Oh they are a gift to us as well! Seeing their pictures everyday and being able to pray for Claire and so many others as they go through surgery...what a blessing New Day is!

    I'm going to have to hide this post from Katie Lyn...she fell in love with Melody while we were there and has her picture as her computer wallpaper! :) Melody in pigtails? Irresistible!

    Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. The smile on Polly's foster mom's face totally melted my heart. What a kind smile!

    I so look forward to visiting in the late spring...

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Beautiful post!

    I loved the part about Emelia, Donovan and Shaun. Emelia is such a blessing to those of us who have the pleasure of sponsoring her, and I know she will definitely be a huge blessing to her new family when she eventually joins them!

    Merry Christmas, NDFH, and God Bless!!

  5. Our most special memory of 2011 is being part of ND for such a short time........the love that changes so many lives is just so real amongst you and helpers alike. Bless you all as you celebrate the greatest event in history......Merry Christmas!

  6. Evan FLIPPED when he saw this picture of Polly and his foster mom!! This Christmas we are reaping in all the love and tender care she gave him for the year he was in her home.

    It's amazing how all these little ones have grown up so much!!

  7. I know Polly and her Mom miss Evan as much as he misses them!! Polly seems to be doing well and i am looking foward to see her progress in the coming years, Merry Christmas Polly! Wo Ah Ni! YeYe