Monday, December 27, 2010

Best Friends

There's no question here about whether the children "get along" or not; they love each other! 

Just the other day we received a package of goodies from YeYe Donnie. In the package was some candy, scarves, hats, mittens and a book. From the moment he saw it, Joshua was eager to read the book. "El-e-phant" he said perfectly and clearly as he turned a page. My, does this boy know his stuff!

Vincent and Ethan, when they saw that the book was already being read, raced for the hats. Reagan and Robert, not being ones to miss any fun, chose the scarves and the four of them began parading about the playroom, happy as they could be!

Vincent and Reagan, after a bit of maneuvering of their respective thumbs, thought that the mittens were the best thing since gloves!

The happiness and joy that these children have as they interact with each other is so precious. The moment they saw a camera enter the room they were at once arranged smooshed into a group picture of their own orchestration. Look at those happy faces!

**All smiles above are completely genuine. Doesn't love make a difference?


  1. Sometimes love makes all the difference. What a blessing those kiddos are at a place where 'love grows'! :-)

  2. So sweet! Their smiles are priceless!

  3. Khloe LOVES these photos, as she recognizes every one of her ol' friends! LOVE those smiles and miss them all! ...Khloe does, too ~ she just said, "I miss you friends" as she pointed to the screen. Then she named them all!! So cute!