Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prancing and Dancing

Willa has a song in her heart and it comes out through dance. She certainly keeps us all smiling and laughing... and probably makes the downstairs neighbors wonder what's going on up above! We're so excited to see how her first steps are now turning into exuberant dance moves! She's clearly inspiring little Camille who follows her around to learn the moves.

Nothing will slow her down.  

Check out the new pictures we just posted of the Healing Home children!


  1. Adorable! Goodness how I love those smiles! And the Healing Home kiddos are just precious! I look at all their little eyes and sweet smiles and think of Kevin and how he was there not too long ago. The Healing Home was such a place of refuge for our little man until we could come adopt him....I pray all those sweet children will have their families come SOON! Praise God they are in such good hands in the meantime.

  2. How sweet it is!! :) Love the sheer happiness that just bounces off of her as she dances around that room... sweet, beautiful, happy girl! PTL that Willa is in such caring, loving arms ...she truly has hope for a future!! <><

  3. Willa updates always make my day!

    Kate :)

  4. I want to love on Willa so so badly...what a beautiful sweet Princess! Praying her family finds her! Finds them all!

  5. Willa is one of those rare individuals who wake up happy and can dance even when there's no music. Oh how I wish I could dance with her. Such a precious girl full of sunshine!

    Thanks for sharing these priceless videos. Love certainly does grow there.


  6. We would love to adopt Willa, Is she part of the special focus children program? We are in the middle of the paperwork for our soon to be 5 year old and are going to adopt one more Lord willing.

  7. Hi Sherri,
    We aren't sure the status of Willa's paperwork. NDFH doesn't play a direct role in the adoption of our children, so we do not know many details. The best thing to do is to contact an agency and ask them to advise you on the best way to find out her status.

  8. Sherri,
    I was just at New Day and experienced the joy of Willa. Just curious if you are adopting her or if you found out any other information.