Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Like Big Brother

Sometimes Judah can be a bit picky... when it comes to food that is. And yesterday, he just didn't seem so interested in eating. He didn't want milk. He didn't want cereal. He didn't want crackers. He was in a bit of a funk and just seemed to want to fuss and fume.  We've all been there...

His Nanny made him a tasty bowl of eggs, but he still wasn't interested.  He went downstairs with his nanny to the dining room, and there he found Donovan, happily chowing down on his own bowl of eggs.  Judah watched Donovan out of the corner of his eye...

"Hmm... seems Big Brother thinks this is yummy.  Maybe I'll take just a little bite!" thought Judah.

Sure enough, that was all it took!  In no time, Judah was eating his food without complaint.  And when Donovan finished his, he decided that the proper "big brotherly" thing to do would be to help feed Judah.  So that's just what he did... took the spoon from Judah's hands and started helping him get bites.  Judah just soaked up all the extra "spoiling" and Donovan seemed to relish his role as Big Brother.


  1. Brotherly love. That simply melts my heart!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. Ah the sweetness of brotherly influence! They are both so cute!

  3. Such a treat to see Donovan opening up. Such wonderful boys!