Saturday, October 30, 2010

Programmers Needed

Oftentimes people with highly technical skills aren't sure how they can use their gifts and abilities to make a difference in the world.  We believe there's a place for everyone, and here's a unique opportunity to help meet one of our urgent needs.

We are in need of one or two experienced software engineers or other web application development professionals to remotely volunteer (from your house, office, or local coffee shop) on a project for use by New Day Foster Home.  (With possible expansion to other child welfare institutions.)  There's a project summary below... please pass this link along to anyone who you think may be interested in volunteering on this project.

Project Summary:
Convert our MS Access child record database into a web accessible database application.

The foster home utilizes a MS Access database to keep records on all our children and to track sponsorship records. This database resides on a local file server and is shared across our network. We would like to make it accessible via any web browser and offload the hosting to the cloud, thereby increasing reliability, ease of access and reducing dependence on local infrastructure. The end result would be a database web application that could be installed on any shared web hosting service. The basic requirements are as follows:
  • Convert our access database structure and data to a MySQL database.
  • Develop a browser accessible application utilizing an open and standard language and development tools. Although others will be considered, some possible frameworks include codignitor, yii, and cakePHP.
  • The application needs to be multilingual (English and Simplified Chinese). Our local staff will assist with Chinese translation.
  • Work-flow and behavior needs to closely resemble a desktop application.
  • The application needs to be as easy to understand and modify as possible, as various people may maintain it over time.

To help interested programmers get a better understanding of the application, we have included the following links:
Child Info Screen
Sponsor Info Screen
Database Relationship
Basic Structure

If you would like more information or are interested in helping please email

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